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The birth of LokaMarosa

The development of Lokas according to the scholar Deborah Soifer:

"The concept of a loka or lokas develops in the Vedic literature. Influenced by the special connotations that a word for space might have for a nomadic people, loka in the Veda did not simply mean place or world, but had a positive valuation: it was a place or position of religious or psychological interest with a special value of function of its own.Hence, inherent in the 'loka' concept in the earliest literature was a double aspect; that is, coexistent with spatiality was a religious or soteriological meaning, which could exist independent of a spatial notion, an 'immaterial' significance. The most common cosmological conception of lokas in the Veda was that of the trailokya or triple world: three worlds consisting of earth, atmosphere or sky, and heaven, making up the universe."


Marosa di Giorgio (1932, Salto -2004, Montevideo) was an acclaimed Uruguayan poet and novelist.
Marosa di Giorgio is considered one of the most singular voices in Latin America. Critics tend to agree that her writing is greatly influenced by European surrealism, although her vocabulary, style, and imagery are uniquely her own. Her work deals predominately with the imaginary world of childhood and nature.


)Leuke verhalen natuurlijk, maar om eerlijk te zijn staat Loka gewoon voor Lotte Karlijn en Marosa voor Marike Rosa)

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